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Nonlinear & quantum plasmonics and optical nano-antennas

Tunable post-production control of optical nano-cavities

Demonstration of a two-way tunability (red and blue shifts) of the resonance of an optical nano-cavity with a single perturbation element.
The proposed configuration is based on the coupling between a photonic crystal cavity and a metallo-dielectric bow-tie nanoantenna at the end of a fiber tip (FBNA), that exhibits polarization-selective electric field resonance.The result of this coupling shows a competition between an induced electric dipole (FBNA at resonance) that allows redshift, and an induced magnetic dipole (the fiber metal coating) leading to a blueshift of the resonance wavelength of the nano-cavity.
We have demonstrated that the sign of the spectral shift can be simply controlled through the FBNA-to-cavity distance.

Single-molecule nanosensors for biology and quantum information

ACTION has demonstrated theoretically and experimentally the focusing of electromagnetic radiation far beyond the diffraction limit. The nanofocusing effect is based on the generation, propagation, and confinement of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) supported by a tapered plasmonic nanostructure placed on top of a silicon photonic waveguide. The photonic mode efficiently excites the SPPs of the plasmonic structure. Because the structure gradually decreases its width, the SPPs progressively increase its sub-wavelength confinement and enhancement, up to a typically 50-nm spot diameter.

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