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Nonlinear dynamics in photonics and optoelectronics

Brain-inspired neuromorphic computer

One of the world’s fastest photonic processor for real-time diagnostic and pronostic of complex systems
Digital electronics and standard computers have reached their limits in dealing with complex tasks, such as dynamical data classification, or processing information at ultra-high speed with energy efficiency.
Optics provides promising opportunities to implement unconventional computational.
To address these challenges, ACTION has been designing and implementing a photonic processing system based on the principle of Reservoir computing  and which is able to provide a high speed/efficient computational power by using standard optical telecom components.

Targeted applications:
- Energy: diagnostic of Fuel Cell stacks (partner: FC Lab)
- Economy: forecasting of real stock exchange time series data (partner: the Mathematics Laboratory of Besançon),
- Health: analysis of high complexity electro-encephalogram (EEG) signals (partner: INSERM),
- Nano-manufacturing: real-time control of a femtosecond laser chain in ultrafast micro-nano complex machining


Breakthrough solutions for broadband fiber optic and microwave-photonic communications

Replacing complex WDM sources by a single coherently controlled multifrequency emitter will drastically increase WDM performances.
Optical frequency combs are characterized by their exceptional spectral purity and their high coherence in the lightwave and microwave frequency ranges. They are therefore ideal candidates for coherent optical telecom systems, or for the generation of ultra-stable microwaves.
ACTION aims at creating a fully integrated chip, based on a nonlinear high Q (>106) whispering gallery mode resonator, which would considerably increase the information processing (>320Gbits/s) of a metropolitan optical fiber network using the WDM technology.
This project is linked to the ERC starting grant Nextphase and the Proof of concept Versyt.

Potential applications of these combs:
- WDM telecoms (generating Tb/s coherent carriers compatible with modern modulation formats, e.g. for FTTH),
- Microwave photonics and derived applications,
- Spectroscopy (mid-IR n-comb are highly needed for atmospheric species sensing),
- Health (n-comb Fourier transfom spectroscopy for e.g. bacteria screening),
- Integrated quantum information.


Smart control of light polarization to secure data

With the exponential growth of generating and sharing information, securing the transmitted data has become of a paramount importance. ACTION has developed an all-optical technique that is able to temporally cloak a signal when attempted spying is taking place along a fiber transmission link.
The key ingredient relies on a device called Omnipolarizer for which the incident light self-organizes its state-of-polarization upon a nonlinear FWM interaction between the input signal and its counter-propagating replica.
The transmission line set up at ICB Lab involves a data source, an end user, as well as an Omnipolarizer on either side of an indiscreet eye, which aims to use a continuous wave probe to copy the transmitted information.
As the signal comes down in the fiber link, the first Omnipolarizer forces the light to dynamically adopt a unique state-of-polarization, orthogonally to the probe’s state, thus making the indiscreet eye completely blind to the transmitted data. During experiments, the method was able to cloak 100% of a 10-Gbit/s transmission from spying eyes.


The first tunable and compact device for the real-time and ultrasensitive detection of gas (frequency-agile dual-comb spectroscopy)

Spectroscopic gas sensing has many applications such as trace detection or chemical kinetics and requires ever more demanding measurement times, acquisition rates, sensitivities, precisions and broad tuning ranges. In collaboration with MPQ Garching (Germany), ICB has demonstrated a new approach to near-infrared molecular spectroscopy, utilizing advanced concepts of optical telecommunications and supercontinuum photonics.
With a dual-comb spectrometer, the teams recorded Doppler-limited spectra spanning 60GHz within 13μs and an 80kHz refresh rate, at a tuning speed of 10nm s−1.

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