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Info processing systems

Reconfigurable, self-tunable and miniaturised photonic solutions

This program aims at optimizing, on the physics and technology levels, every step of an information processing system for groundbreaking performances and, foremost, at making it smarter while integrated.

Our approach is based on a globally unique combination of scientific and technological competencies and know-how within ACTION and relies mainly on the following inputs: photonics, optoelectronics, acoustics, phononics, plasmonics, nonlinear science, quantum science, computer science, micronanotechnologies…

The key challenge is to master (multiphysical) waves in micro-nanostructured materials with unusual (e.g. metamaterials) and nonlinear (extreme, complex) functionalities.

Some examples of applications:

  • EO modulators and tunable spectral filters,
  • Temperature, bio, electric & magnetic field
  • micro-nano-sensors,
  • Spectrometers,
  • NL frequency converters,
  • µwave and optical resonators and oscillators,
  • Neuromorphic computers,
  • Fiber information processing systems...
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