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Job offers

PhD position


Design, modeling, fabrication and characterization of a Stirling micro-engine for energy harvesting and conversion

This phD thesis aims at the realization of a miniaturized Stirling engine by means of clean room technologies. In the context of previous projects, some elements of the micro-Stirling engine have already been developed. In order to realize a complete machine, it will first be necessary to study the thermal and fluidic behaviors at the microscale by performing micro-test benches. The second part of the PhD work will consist of both thermal and fluidic characterization of the machine's performance. Emphasis will be put on energy recovery and conversion (thermal / electrical).

Deadline for applications: 8th of June 2018

Start date: 1st of October 2018

Laboratory: FEMTO-ST Institute – Department of Micro Nano Sciences and Systems

Supervisors and contacts:

  • Director: Mr. Michel DE LABACHELERIE (CNRS Research Director), labachel@femto-st.fr
  • Co-director: Mrs. Magali BARTHES (Associate Professor), magali.barthes@femto-st.fr, 0033 (0)3 81 66 66 19
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Sylvie BEGOT (Associate Professor), sylvie.begot@univ-fcomte.fr



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