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Yves Gaillard is an associate professor at the university of Franche-Comté since September 2011. He received is PhD in 2004 for his work on the elementary deformation mechanisms involved during nanoindentation in ceramics. From 2005 to 2009, he works at the polytechnic university of Catalunya in Barcelona where he received a “Juan de la Cierva” funding in order to pursue his research on zirconia based biomaterials and thermal barriers coatings. He joined in 2009 the CEMEF of the Paris Mines School to work on adhesion of bio-sourced materials. He has published 17 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and participated in more than 20 international congresses. He works now on the mechanical behaviour of micro-devices like thin film, micro-beam and membranes and is particularly interested in materials mechanics and nanoindentation.


Selection of 3 important publications in connection with the project ACTION:

[1] “Quantitative analysis of dislocation pile-ups nucleated during nanoindentation in MgO”, Acta Materialia, Volume 54, Issue 5, March 2006, Pages 1409-1417, Y. GAILLARD, C. TROMAS, J. WOIRGARD.
[2] “Nanoindentation of BaTiO3: dislocation nucleation and mechanical twinning”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 42, Issue 8, April 2009, Y. GAILLARD, A. HURTADO MACÍAS, M. ANGLADA, J. MUÑOZ-SALDAÑA.
[3] “Superplastic behavior of rosin/beeswax blends at room temperature”, Journal of applied polymer science, Volume 128, Issue 5, June 2013, Y. GAILLARD, M. GIRARD, G. MONGE, A. BURR, E. DARQUE-CERETTI, E. FELDER.