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Jean-Charles Beugnot is currently full-time CNRS reseracher in Optics department at FEMTO-ST Intitute.

He received his Master degree in electronic studies from the University of Franche-Comté in 2004. Thanks to a grant of the French scientific Research minister, he startes a Ph. D in the Nonlinear optics Team at the Sciences Faculty under the supervision of Hervé Maillotte and Thibaut Sylvestre. He developed at this moment his field of expertise, i.e. optical fibers. At the beginning of 2008, he has joined for two and half years the Group for fiber optics in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) where he focused on Nonlinear Optics and fiber optic metrology. Since June 2010, he has been working in FEMTO-ST institute, Besançon and has got a permanent position as a CNRS researcher in 2011. In 2011, he visited the Universitat Politècnica in Valencia, Spain where he worked on the photon-phonon interaction in silicon periodic structure. He was present on management committee (Swiss delegate) in the European COST Action 299  FIDES and member in the European TAILPHOX project and Interreg IVa CD-FOM project.

Dr. Beugnot has an H-index = 10 and more than 250 citations, has published 18 articles in international peer reviewed journals and 27 refereed proceedings.


Selection of 3 important publications in connection with the project ACTION:

[1] J-C. Beugnot, T. Sylvestre, D. Alasia, H. Maillotte, V. Laude, A. Monteville and L. Thévenaz "Complete experimental characterization of stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic crystal fiber," Optics express 15 (23), 15517-15522, (2007). Citations > 42

[2] J-C. Beugnot, T. Sylvestre, H. Maillotte, G. Mélin and V Laude, "Guided acoustic wave Brillouin scattering in photonic crystal fibers," Optics letters 32 (1), 17-19 (2007). Citations> 31

[3] J-C. Beugnot, M. Tur, S-F. Mafang and L. Thévenaz "Distributed Brillouin sensing with sub-meter spatial resolution: modeling and processing," Optics express 19 (8), 7381-7397, (2011). Citations > 15