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Axes de recherche

Le programme scientifique du Labex ACTION repose sur 4 axes pluridisciplinaires :


Axe "Smart Skins"
Self-tunable and integrated systems for vibroacoustics and health monitoring

This program aims mainly at developing new distributed devices for structural control. The concept is based on a network of passive and/or active cells distributed on a surface that constitutes a “smart skin”, which is able to measure control the mechanical properties of the structure.

The objective is to demonstrate the integration of adaptive and energetically autonomous cells that can produce internal coupling mechanisms to program functionalities of interest, namely the structure’s reliability (Structural Health Monitoring of composite structures) and/or environmental perturbations control (control of acoustic radiation, vibration damping, wave trapping…).
Among others, this program will find applications in structural weight reduction for aeronautics, aerospace or automotive, by integrating reconfigurable functionalities in non-planar composite structures, using either integrated transducers/electronics or light/flexible nonintrusive skin. A particular focus on energy management is also studied: low power or autonomous systems are indeed required to have a chance to be deployed at large scale.
Info processing systems


Axe "Infomation processing devices"
Reconfigurable, self-tunable and miniaturised photonic solutions

This program aims at optimizing, on the physics and technology levels, every step of an information processing system for groundbreaking performances and, foremost, at making it smarter while integrated.

Our approach is based on a globally unique combination of scientific and technological competencies and know-how within ACTION and relies mainly on the following inputs: photonics, optoelectronics, acoustics, phononics, plasmonics, nonlinear science, quantum science, computer science, micronanotechnologies…

The key challenge is to master (multiphysical) waves in micro-nanostructured materials with unusual (e.g. metamaterials) and nonlinear (extreme, complex) functionalities.
Some examples of applications:

  • EO modulators and tunable spectral filters,
  • Temperature, bio, electric & magnetic field micro-nano-sensors,
  • Spectrometers,
  • NL frequency converters,
  • Microwave and optical resonators and oscillators,
  • Neuromorphic computers,
  • Fiber information processing systems...

Several subtopics are studied :
- Phononics & opto-acoustics
- Lithium niobate micro-nanotechnologies & components
- Nonlinear dynamics in photonics and optoelectronics
- Nonlinear & quantum plasmonics and optical nano-antennas


Axe "Integrated smart sensors"
Optical/mechanical/plasmonic integrated sensors and networks

The goal of ACTION is to take advantage of recent scientific progress in nanofabrication, photonics, acoustics and decision-making science to foster breakthrough solutions for miniaturizing sensors, integrating them into matter and/or making them communicate together.

The programme has been built around 3 scientific and technological directions:

  • miniaturization/integration of smart sensors with already established concepts,
  • proof of new concepts for integration of sensors into matter,
  • smart networking of sensors.

Axe "Micromechatronics"
Micro-robotics, MEMS & MOEMS components, DiMEMS

Micromechatronics - a combination of mechatronics and microtechnologies -is part of the key skills of excellence at FEMTO-ST, which hosts one of the largest groups in EU in this field.
A unique specificity of ACTION is the combination of micromechatronics with vision and robotics on one hand and microphotonics on the other hand.
Multifunctional mechatronic systems include a combination of mechanics, electronics, control engineering, computer engineering as well as photonics and vision.
The Labex ACTION offers skills in microsystem design (sensors, MEMS, MOEMS, microactuators, microfluidics, microrobots) and technologies (micromachining & microoptics, heterogeneous integration, multi-wafer bonding). the study of functional materials, multiscale modelling a control and computer engineering.
Through its project of microendoscope for in vivo applications, ACTION wishes to develop to demonstrate several functions of complex embedded smart systems that provide reconfigurability and adaptability





De par la diversité de leurs fonctionnalités, les smart systems se retrouvent dans une multitude d’applications.

Ainsi, les travaux de recherche du Labex ACTION vont déboucher sur des innovations qui répondront à des forts enjeux socio-économiques dans différents domaines :


  • Télécoms & aérospatial : communication optique ultra-rapide, ordinateurs optiques, haut débit pour tous...
  • Santé : diagnostic précoce du cancer, imagerie médicale, télésanté pour l’autonomie des personnes handicapées ou âgées...
  • Sécurité et gestion des risques: défense, sites nucléaires, industries alimentaires, manufacturières ou pharmaceutiques, génie civil…
  • Energie : pronostic de systèmes de piles à combustibles, contrôle et optimisation de la consommation d’énergie dans les réseaux de capteurs...
  • Environnement : prévisions météorologiques, surveillance et détection de particules polluantes ou toxiques, réduction du bruit…
  • Transports  : contrôle actif de forme/bruit, réduction de la consommation d'énergie par l'allègement du poids des structures, sécurité active, amélioration du confort pour les utilisateurs...


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