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Intet replika Rolex ur er komplet uden high-end autentiske Rolex tilfælde til at holde dem sikre. Holdbar og luksuriøs,luksus replika ure danmark disse er perfekte til en fornuftig opbevaringsløsning eller en autentisk præsentation.

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SHM of composite structures (structural health monitoring)

patch piezo

patch piezoélectriques

>150 components in the matterFor the real-time and reliable diagnostic and prognostic health management of complex mobile or static structures

Key features:

  • Low power required
  • Reconfigurable system
  • Real-time and in-service analysis
  • Scan entire structures


  • Energy autonomous system
  • Compatibility with large scale production
  • Reconfigurable electronic system for multi-applications: active absorption, stiffening, health management...

Patent (UTBM): Method of accurate and reliable positioning of exogenous elements into a complex composite structure during the manufacturing process

Poster Labex ACTION "SHM-PHM of composite structures"


Colour-changing strain sensors

plasmonic strain sensor

plasmonic strain sensor

 plasmonic strain sensor

Towards a novel generation of strain sensors integrated into matter

Some nano deformations visible to the naked eye thanks to innovative integrated optical nanosensors

Technological objectives:
  • Non-contact sensors
  • Large deformations
  • Easy-of-use
  • Direct integration into matter
Partners: LNIO, Univ. Laval (Québec), Univ. Geneva, Univ. Calabria
Patent: Synthesis process for innovative strain sensors based on the monitoring of nanoparticle optical coupling variations


3 million phone conversations/s!

optical guide of resonator

erc nexphase

Optical disk-resonator as a breakthrough solution for broadband fiber optic and microwave-photonic communications

A coherent multi-frequency emitter able to perform ultrahigh-speed data transmission: > 320 Gigabits/s and potentially >Terabits/s


Key advantages:

  • Chip-scale component
  • Low-cost and scalable 
  • Low power consumption (~ mW)
  • Ideal for components used in
  • Fiber To The Home


A breakthrough solution for:

  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing telecoms
  • Microwave photonics
  • Spectroscopy for health (bacteria screening) and environment (atmospheric species sensing)
  • Integrated quantum information


World record! 3x72Gb/s 16-QAM error-free repeaterless optical transmission on 80 km(320Gb/s back-to-back) performed by a resonator (partner: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Poster Labex ACTION Optical disk-resonator


Million words recognised/second!


Photonic neuromorphic computing in nonlinear Networks


One of the world’s fastest photonic processor for real-time diagnostic and pronostic of complex systems

Brain-inspired neuromorphic computer systems for ultra-high speed data processing and complex tasks:

  • Speech or image recognition
  • Time series prediction
  • Real-time control of systems

Key papers / Optoelectronics nonlinear delay dynamics:

  • Chimera states in Nonlinear Delay Dynamics: Larger et al., Nat. Commun. 2015, 7752
  • Discovery of the Chimera states: Larger et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 2013, 054103
  • Fast neuromorphic photonic computer: Martinenghi et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2012, 244101
  • 1st demo. of photonic neuromorphic computing: Larger et al., Opt. Ex. 2012, 3241


3D optical echography for the mini invasive and early detection of cancer  

endoscope cancer estomac

endoscope actuators mems


Non-contact and non-invasive in vivo diagnosis with high resolution and reasonable penetration depthComponents:


  • New concept of continuum robot based on electroactive polymer actuators
  • Mirau micro-interferometer (MOEMS integrated probe)
  • 2-axis MEMS micro-scanner (acquisition of real-time 3D images)
  • Visual servoing for automated OCT-probe positioning

  • World record (2016): 40° scanning angle achieved by the micromirror (partner: University of Florida) 
  • Partners: CHRU Besançon, Equipex Robotex, Centre d’Investigation Clinique de Besançon (INSERM CIC 1431), ICube (AVR), Univ Florida, Univ Joseph Fourier, Labex CAMI...

Poster Labex ACTION "Endomicroscope for early in vivo detection of cancer"








La prima linea di difesa è lo scudo magnetico all'interno della custodia. Realizzato in leghe ferromagnetiche,imitazione rolex orologi circonda e protegge il movimento. Questa invenzione è stata brevettata da Rolex nel 1956 e da allora è stata ulteriormente migliorata. La seconda linea di difesa coinvolge alcune delle componenti chiave del movimento,high quality replica watches realizzate con materiali innovativi non magnetici.