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WP5: System architecture

Multiphysical modelling, system architecture & information processing 

WP manager: Olga Kouchnarenko, FEMTO-ST

Co-manager: Scott COGAN, FEMTO-ST

Key scientists: Jacques BAHI, Michel DEVEL, Mickaël GAUTHIER 



Developing new adaptive distributed computing and control tools to program metamaterial functionalities as well as monitoring energy supply and health of the structure.

Toward this end, detailed multiphysical modelling of both a cell and dense networks will be developed and experimentally validated, in order to quantify the variability of their behaviour due to uncertainties in the system and its environment.


This information will be used in either:

  • a bottom-up design approach to specify the required robustness of the control algorithms with distributed parameters,
  • or in a top-down approach to evaluate the required manufacturing tolerances to insure acceptable performance or remaining useful lifetime of systems, with constrained resources,
  • or a combination of both approaches.


Main deliverables:
  • 2 years: Scalable algorithms (functional calculus, diffusive realization and asynchronous algorithms) to model multiscale multiphysical systems.
  • 5 years: Framework for prototyping metamaterials with new parameterized functionalities.
  • 7 years: Programming and control framework for distributed smart microsystems/blocks

Projects in progress:
  • Smart Surface & Smart Blocks -> Coordination and Computation in distributed intelligent MEMS
  • Robust design & variability of system behavior due to uncertainties
  • Multi-scale modeling for design of arrays of micro and nano-systems
  • Hamiltonian approach for analysis and control of distributed parameter multiphysic systems
  • System Automation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells with Prognostics and Health management for Improved Reliability and Economy


Socio-economic challenges:
  • Development of multiscale simulation tools to design electromechanical micro-systems with nano-components for the current and future nanotechnology-oriented economy;
  • Assessment of the state-of-health and the remaining useful life of energy and storage systems, without introducing additional and costly sensors in the system.


Keywords: Scalable distributed algorithms, Semi-decentralized control, Soft-computing, Multiscale multiphysic modelling & simulation, Systems architecture, Monitoring and prognostics.


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