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WP3: Nonlinear functionalities

nonlinear sciences

Nonlinear science and technology of programmable matter


Co-manager: Guy MILLOT, ICB

Key scientists: John M. DUDLEY, Guy MILLOT, Jean-Claude WEEBER, Christophe FINOT, Bertrand KIBLER



Nonlinear science and technology of programmable matter, i.e. materials of which physical properties can be nonlinearly controlled to perform reconfigurable adaptive tasks for information processing.

  • Development of expertise on nonlinear propagation, dynamics and functionalities, shared between waveguide photonics, plasmonics, optoelectronics, acoustics & mechanics for implementing fundamental knowledge for new chip-scale platforms enabling ultra-high capacity processing or systems and structures control. In particular, exploiting the materials’ nonlinear optical response provides an active mean for ultrafast signal photonic processing.
  • Artificially structured functional ultra-integrated components will lead to a new generation of smart & self-adaptive information-processing building blocks, strongly linked with current and future challenges on nonlinear light-matter physics at nanoscale, including at the few photon quantum level.

Main deliverables:
  • 2 years: Micro-nanostructures and resonators with engineered ultrabroadband nonlinear response.

  • 5 years: Development of telecom and information processing functionalities (THz RF, Tbit/s compatible).

  • 8 years: Optimized series of integrated on-chip micro-components with demonstrated nonlinear functionalities.

Experience of the consortium:
  • Pioneering work on supercontinuum optical spectrum generation;
  • Breakthroughs in micro-resonators for microwave photonics & nonlinear frequency comb generation;
  • Photo-writing of complex 3D optical waveguides inside bulk materials using spatial solitons beams. Discovery of the pyroelectric soliton;
  • World record high-aspect ratio micromachining with femtosecond laser nanoablation;
  • Frequency and spatial quantum entanglement correlation and control, in information processing (telecom and imaging), and laser architectures;
  • First explanation of rogue waves through optical analogy;
  • Industrial patents with Alcatel (Raman lasers, fiber optical parametric amplifiers), France Telecom (quantum cryptography, electro-optics components), licensing a compact supercontinuum source.



Keywords: Nonlinear waveguide photonics, Nonlinear plasmonics, Nonlinear dynamics and quantum information, Dynamic mechanical nonlinearity and coupling, Nonlinear vibroacoustics.