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WP2: Wave propagation

Wave crystals, metamaterials and metacomposites

 WP2 manager: Vincent LAUDE, FEMTO-ST

Co-managers: Sylvain BLAIZE, LNIO - Benoit CLUZEL, ICB et Gilles LÉRONDEL, LNIO



Many physical effects have been revealed recently where the size of the structure supporting wave propagation is smaller than the wavelength. Plasmonics, nano-photonics and phononics exploit this paradigm on the nano-scale.

Electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials rely on the clever engineering of structures from the nano- to the macro-scale. We have a wide and solid background in this field of "waves in structures", in conjunction with relevant fabrication means and instrumentation (near-field and local probes, molecular assemblies, vibroacoustics).

Potential applications:

Smarter, smaller, faster devices 

  • from ultimately-integrated programmable photonic devices which exploit MOEMS or phoXonic crystals for atomic-scale data processing,
  • to adaptive metacomposites for vibroacoustic control and active/passive sound insulation.


Main delivevables:
  • 2 years: Sound-insolution using phononic crystals and integrated shunted piezoplates.
  • 5 years: Nanoscale THz phononic crystals based on molecular self-organized artificial crystals.

  • 7 years: High resolution, full vectorial optical nano-antennas.


Experience of the consortium:
Socio-economic challenges:
  • Noise reduction;
  • Performance improvement of optical communication.


Keywords: Phononics, Phoxonics, Nanophotonics, Near field, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Acoustics, Adaptive metacomposites.