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WP1: Functional materials

wp1 piézoélectricité

Design, elaboration, characterization and modeling of functional materials

WP1 manager: Frédéric BERNARD, ICB

Co-managers: Guy MONTEIL and Jean-Claude GELIN, FEMTO-ST

Key scientist: Roland OLTRA


  • Design of materials and their transformation by hybrid forming and manufacturing processes in order to develop highly integrated multifunctional structures.
  • Multiscale and multiphysics approaches to the characterization, modelling and lifetime prediction from functional materials to mono and multi component structures will be developed in order to understand how to generate the command to bulk smart structures.


The spectrum of considered active materials will cover magnetostrictive materials, electro active polymers or gels, piezoelectric polymers & crystals, shape memory alloys, magneto & electro fluids, encapsulated powders, functionally graded materials, variochromic compounds, advanced silicones, chiral metamaterials, functionalized thin layers.

Main deliverables:
  • 2 years: Microfabrication processes integrating materials with various functional properties.
  • 5 years: Tools for analysis of structures at the micro & nano scales.
  • 7 years: New materials with controlled functional properties.

Experience of the consortium:
  • First demonstration of self-organized organic dipolar molecules on silicon fabricated at room temperature;
  • A long experience on fabrication processes through the 3 available technology platforms.


Socio-economic challenges:
  • New characterization tools and process methods for nanostructured functional materials, supporting future industry of active/nanostructured materials



Keywords: Manufacturing, Innovative processes, Multi-scale characterization, Chemo-mechanical coupling, Damage, Fatigue, Operational life, Multiphysics approach.