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Several actions of valorization towards the socio-economic world will be implemented by the Labex ACTION:


The LABEX aims to develop an inter-regional ecosystem around “Smart Systems” through its Partners Club. By organizing Workshops and meetings that will gather people from SMEs as well as from major companies, the LABEX will promote partnerships between public research and industry, but also between major companies and sub-contractors SMEs. Through dissemination (by web platforms) of the scientific & technical information, it will create a "community" to stimulate exchanges, sharing of knowledge and best practices. 


Partnership with SATT Grand Est:

 In 2014, the Labex ACTION will start to establish a close collaboration with the «SATT Grand Est» (Society for acceleration of technology transfer) of which mission consists in ensuring legal (intellectual property), economic (market) and technological (proof of concept) maturation of inventions developed by regional research laboratories.Created in 2013, the SATT Grand Est is part of the «Investments for the future» program.

R&D partnerships with private companies:

The LABEX will seek long term partnerships with large industrial groups, in the form of joint laboratories, bringing together LABEX staffs and industrial researchers. These joint laboratories will allow anticipating new technologies and undertake their development. It is also expected that R&D services of industrial partners settles close to the LABEX facilities. 

The LABEX will be able to organize ambitious multidisciplinary research contracts with industrial partners. Its work on behalf of industry partners will provide new opportunities to jointly develop intellectual property.


Creation of spinoff companies:

The LABEX will promote startup companies by encouraging young doctors to start businesses whenever possible. 15 companies representing 150 jobs today have been created by the consortium since year 2000, and we expect the creation of new ones thanks to the Labex leverage; This innovation strategy was highlighted with the 2010 INPI nationwide trophy attributed to FEMTO-ST.


Collaboration with competitiveness clusters:

Present collaborations with competitiveness clusters will be increased, thus disseminating the Labex expertise to SMEs through joint developments.

Our projects involve the following French clusters: Microtechniques, Vehicule du futur, Vitagora, Plastipolis, Nuclear Cluster of Burgundy.  “Smart systems “ are already an integral part of their strategic roadmaps.

pole microtechniques véhicule du futur vitagoraplastipolispole nucléaire de bourgogne


Other clusters, including world class ones will be more involved in our partnership projects.


eposs smart systemsMoreover, at the European level, Labex ACTION is member of EPoSS (European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration). EPoSS brings together European private and public stakeholders in order to coordinate, to bundle efforts and to set-up sustainable structures for improving the competitiveness of European R&D on Smart Systems Technologies and their integration. 




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