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Intet replika Rolex ur er komplet uden high-end autentiske Rolex tilfælde til at holde dem sikre. Holdbar og luksuriøs,luksus replika ure danmark disse er perfekte til en fornuftig opbevaringsløsning eller en autentisk præsentation.


30 post-doctoral missions funded or co-funded by the Labex ACTION


  • PELTIER Fabienne (2014-2015) Laser nano-microstructuration laser for SHM
  • SEMALTIANOS Nikolaos (Greece, 2014-2015) Laser nano-microstructuration laser for SHM
  • KHARRAT Mohamed (Tunisia,  2013-2014) PHM of composite structures
  • ORANDROU Stevens (Togo, 2014-2015) SHM using CMUTs
  • GALISULTANOV Ayrat (Russia, 2015-2016) SHM using CMUTs
  • FERCHICHI Abdelkerim (Tunisia, 2015-2016) Fabrication of CMUTS
  • FAUX Damien (2014) Virtual prototyping tool for robust design of structures



  • MALAPERT Julien (2012-2013) Smart micro-convoyor
  • COT Amélie (2015-2016) Electrosynthesis and characterization of polymer films on silicon substrates for applications in micromanipulation
  • BELKHIR Walid (2015) A Multiscale Model Derivation and Simulation Tool for MEMS Arrays
  • TUCCI Knychala (Brazil, 2014-2015) Simulator of micro robots,VisibleSim
  • ZEGGARI Rabah (2012-2014) Plasmonic-Actoustic Device for Diagnosis
  • STRUK Przemyslaw (Poland, 2014-2015) Endoscopic system for early cancer detection based on MOEMS Mirau micro interferometer and Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography method


  • ARAPAN Lilia (Moldavia 2014-2015) Optimized Packaging of SAW Stress Sensors
  • CAPUTO Roberto (Italy, 2015-2016) Development of colour-changing stretchable materials
  • APUZZO Aniello (Italy, 2013-2014) Integrated nanoplasmonics for biosensing applications
  • RENAULT Mickael (2013-2013) Compact interferometer transducer based on surface plasmon phase resonance
  • HMIMA Abdelhamid (Morocco, 2014-2015) Compact interferometer transducer based on surface plasmon phase resonance
  • MALAPERT Julien (2015-2016) Development of electric vias
  • LE BERRE Matthieu (2014) Distributed estimation of physical fields by autonomous sensors


  • NGUYEN Kim (Vietnam, 2014-2015) Surface Phonon-plasmon interaction based on locally resonant metamaterials
  • WANG Yan-Feng (China, 2015-2016) Longitudinal near-field coupling between resonant elements in acoustic metamaterials
  • MARCHAL Rémi (2015-2016) Integrated resonators
  • MORIN Philippe (2013-2014) Mid-infrared dual-comb spectroscopy in hollow core glass waveguides for human breath analysis
  • DEMICHEL Olivier (2012-2013) Dynamic control of opto-electronic properties of plasmonic nano-antenna
  • BAYLON Antonio (Mexico, 2015-2016) Smart nonlinear control unit based on a photonic reservoir computing experImental setup
  • AMRANI Foued (2013-2014) Nonlinear propagation in optical fibers from UV to mid-IR spectral range: supercontinuum generation and optical rogue waves
  • BABILLOTTE Philippe (2015-2016) Development of an ultra-short terahertz source and application to molecular processes
  • SADANI Benattou (2013) Photonic crystals for EEG analysis
  • PETRONE Raffaele (Italy, 2014-2015) Accelerated aging of PEM fuel cells

La prima linea di difesa è lo scudo magnetico all'interno della custodia. Realizzato in leghe ferromagnetiche,imitazione rolex orologi circonda e protegge il movimento. Questa invenzione è stata brevettata da Rolex nel 1956 e da allora è stata ulteriormente migliorata. La seconda linea di difesa coinvolge alcune delle componenti chiave del movimento,high quality replica watches realizzate con materiali innovativi non magnetici.