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Papers and distinctions

The University of Franche-Comté awarded with the "HR Excellence in Research" european label!

The European Commission has adopted a European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These two documents, addressed to researchers as well as to employers and funders in both the public and private sectors, are key elements in the European Union's policy to make research an attractive career, which is vital feature of its strategy to stimulate economic and employment growth.


Peer-review papers

2015Dual-Comb Spectroscopy With Frequency-Agile LasersNature Photonics
2015On-Chip Hybrid Photonic-Plasmonic Light Concentrator for Nanofocusing in an Integrated Silicon Photonics PlatformNano Letters
2015Spontaneous Hot-Electron Light Emission from Electron-Fed Optical AntennasNano Letters
2015Two-Color Single Hybrid Plasmonic Nanoemitters with Real Time Switchable Dominant Emission WavelengthNano Letters
2015Coherent perfect absorption in deeply subwavelength films in the single-photon regimeNature Communications
2015From coherent shocklets to giant collective incoherent shock waves in nonlocal turbulent flowsNature Communications
2015Laser chimeras as a paradigm for multistable patterns in complex systemsNature Communications
2015Superregular Breathers in Optics and Hydrodynamics: Omnipresent Modulation Instability beyond Simple PeriodicityPhysical review X
2015Delocalization of nonlinear optical responses in plasmonic nanoantennas, Physical Review Letters 115, 197401 (2015)Physical Review Letters
2015Optimally Coherent Kerr Combs Generated with Crystalline Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for Ultrahigh Capacity Fiber CommunicationsPhysical Review Letters
2015Orientation and Alignment Echoes Physical Review Letters
2015Polarization Shaping for Unidirectional Rotational Motion of MoleculesPhysical Review Letters
2015Mode-synthesizing atomic force microscopy for 3D reconstruction of embedded low-density dielectric nanostructuresNano research
2015Enabling Health Monitoring Approach Based on Vibration Data for Accurate PrognosticsIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
2015Coupling between plasmonic films and nanostructures : from basics to applications,Nanophotonics
2015Double-way spectral tunability for the control of optical nanocavity resonanceScientific reports
2015Optimal nonlinear information processing capacity in delay-based reservoir computersScientific reports
2015Plasmonic mode interferences and Fano resonances in Metal-Insulator- Metal nanostructured interfaceScientific reports
2015Tubular filamentation for laser material processingScientific reports
2015Near-Field and Far-Field Sensitivities of LSPR SensorsJournal of Physical Chemistry C
2015Homogeneous large-scale crystalline nanoparticle-covered substrate with high SERS performanceNanotechnology
2015Wave propagation in two-dimensional viscoelastic metamaterialsPhysical Review B
2015Lagrangian description of Brillouin scattering and electrostriction in nanoscale optical waveguidesNew journal of physics
2015Deviation from threshold model in ultrafast laser ablation of graphene at sub-micron scaleApplied Physics Letters
2015Remote optical sensing on the nanometer scale with a bowtie aperture nano-antenna on a fiber tip of scanning near-field optical microscopy, Applied Physics Letters
201540-GHz photonic waveform generator by linear shaping of four spectral sidebandsOptics Express
2015Dense arrays of millimeter-sized glass lenses fabricated at wafer-levelOptics Express
2015Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox in single pairs of imagesOptics Express
2015Light coupling with a nonlinear prismOptics Express
2015Low-loss LiNbO3 tapered-ridge waveguides made by optical-grade dicing Optics Express
2015On the Dispersion management of Fluorite Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators for Kerr Optical Frequency Comb Generation in the Telecom and Mid-Infrared RangeOptics Express
2015Transmission properties of slanted annular aperture arrays, Giant beam steering over sub-wavelength distanceOptics Express
2015A New Multivariate Approach for Prognostics Based on Extreme Learning Machine and Fuzzy Clustering,IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
2015Improvement of Silicon Nanotweezers Sensitivity for Mechanical Characterization of Biomolecules Using Closed-Loop ControlIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
2015Vision-Based Microforce Measurement With a Large Range-to-Resolution Ratio Using a Twin-Scale PatternIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
2015Accelerated stress test procedures for PEM fuel cells under actual load constraints: State-of-art and proposalsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2015Advanced diagnosis based on temperature and current density distributions in a single PEMFCInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2015Proton exchange membrane fuel cell behavioral model suitable for prognosticsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2015Selection of mother wavelet and decomposition level for energy management in electrical vehicles including a fuel cellInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2015Investigations on the frequency and temperature effects on mechanical properties of a shape memory polymer (Veriflex)Mechanics of Materials
2015Experimental demonstration of spectral sideband splitting in strongly dispersion oscillating fibersOptics Letters
2015Fast-beam self-trapping in LiNbO 3 films by pyroelectric effectOptics Letters
2015Giant thermo-optical relaxation oscillations in millimeter-size whispering gallery mode disk resonatorsOptics Letters
2015Impact of mirror spider legs on imaging quality in Mirau micro-interferometryOptics Letters
2015Kerr optical frequency comb generation in strontium fluoride whispering-gallery mode resonators with billion quality factorOptics Letters
2015Multimode Brillouin spectrum in a long tapered birefringent photonic crystal fiberOptics Letters
2015Unidirectional sub-diffraction waveguiding based on optical spin-orbit coupling in subwavelength plasmonic waveguidesOptics Letters
2015Collective dynamics of periodic nonlinear oscillators under simultaneous parametric and external excitationsNonlinear dynamics
2015Spatiotemporal dynamics of Kerr-Raman optical frequency combsPhysical Review A
2015Subcycle engineering of laser filamentation in gas by harmonic seedingPhysical Review A
2015Turbulent dynamics of an incoherently pumped passive optical fiber cavity: Quasisolitons, dispersive waves, and extreme eventsPhysical Review A
2015Aluminium plasmonicsJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2015Dissipation of post-pulse laser-induced alignment of CO2 through collisions with ArJOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY
2015Laser steering using virtual trifocal visual servoing,International Journal of Robotics Research
2015Improvement of ozone detection with WO3 oriented filmsMaterials Letters
2015Decoupling Path Following and Velocity Profile in Vision-guided Laser Steering,IEEE Transaction on Robotics
2015Visual Servo Control for Path Following Based on 3D Steering of Scaled-up Helical Microwimmers,IEEE Transaction on Robotics
2015Joint particle filters prognostics for PEMFC power prediction at constant current solicitation,IEEE Transactions on Reliability
2015Accuracy Quantification and Improvement of Serial Micropositioning Robots for In-Plane MotionsIEEE Transactions on Robotics
2015 Closed loop control of a magnetic particle at the air/liquid interface,IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
2015Mixed-mode oscillations in slow-fast delayed optoelectronic systemsPhysical Review E
2015Thickness dependent stresses and thermal expansion of epitaxial LiNbO3 thin films on C-sapphireMaterials Chemistry and Physics
2015An unsupervised pattern recognition approach for AE data originating from fatigue tests on polymer'“composite materialsMechanical Systems and Signal Processing
2015Axonic Au Tips Induced Enhancement in Raman Spectra and Biomolecular Sensing.Plasmonics
2015Synthesis and SERS Application of SiO2@Au NanoparticlesPlasmonics
2015Effect of Laser Coupling and Active Stabilization on the Phase Noise Performance of Optoelectronic Microwave Oscillators Based on Whispering-Gallery-Mode ResonatorsIEEE Photonics Journal
2015Mechanical and chemical wear components in environmental multi-asperity nanotribologyTribology International
2015Nonlinear mode coupling in a birefringent microstructured fiber tuned by externally applied hydrostatic pressureJournal of Optics
2015Optical properties of nanostructured WO3 thin films by GLancing Angle Deposition: Comparison between experiment and simulationSurface and Coatings Technology
2015Atmospheric aging and surface degradation in As2S3 fibers in relation with suspended-core profileOptical Materials
2015Distributed Intelligent MEMS: Progresses and PerspectivesIEEE Systems Journal
2015Phase control of two-color filamentationJournal of Physics B : Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
2015Ultrabroadband fiber optical parametric amplifiers pumped by chirped pulses, Part 1: analytical modelJournal of the Optical Society of America B
2015In situ running-in wear assessment in multi-asperity nanotribologyWear
2015Analysis of Phase-Locking in Narrow-Band Optoelectronic Oscillators With Intermediate FrequencyIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
2015Phase Noise Performance of Optoelectronic Oscillators Based on Whispering-Gallery Mode ResonatorsIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
2015High optical resonance sensitivity to its environment of a fibred Bowtie Nano-aperture AntennaApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
2015Mid-infrared filamentation-induced supercontinuum in As-S and an As-free Ge-S counterpart chalcogenide glassesApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
2015Unsupervised consensus clustering of acoustic emission time-series for robust damage sequence estimation in compositesIEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
2015Micro-optical design of a three-dimensional microlens scanner for vertically integrated micro-opto-electro-mechanical systemsApplied Optics
2015Spectro-temporal dynamics of Kerr combs with parametric seedingApplied Optics
2015Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Endomicroscope Based on Vertically Integrated Mirau Micro Interferometer: Concept and TechnologyIEEE Sensors Journal
2015An electrostatic vertical microscanner for phase modulating array-type Mirau microinterferometry Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2015Static/dynamic trade-off performance of PZT thick film micro-actuatorsJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2015Influence of mechanical noise inside a scanning electron microscope,Review of Scientific Instruments
2015Compact interferometer transducer based on surface plasmon phase resonanceJournal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A)
2015Light trajectory in Bessel-Gauss vortex beamsJournal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A)
2015Nonlinear parametric resonances in quasiperiodic dispersion oscillating fibersOptics Communications
2015Presentation and characterization of novel thick-film PZT microactuatorsPhysica B: Condensed Matter
2015Calibration of Nanopositioning StagesMICROMACHINES
2015Fast and robust self-organization for micro-electro-mechanical robotic systemsComputer Networks
2015Modeling and Stress Analysis of a Pre-Shaped Curved Beam : Influence of High Modes of BucklingInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics
2015Energy-aware parallel self-reconfiguration for chains microrobot networksJOURNAL OF PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING
2015The beginnings of plasmomechanics: towards plasmonic strain sensorsFRONTIERS OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
2015Using a sparse promoting method in linear programming approximations to schedule parallel jobsConcurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
2015A scalable multisplitting algorithm to solve large sparse linear systemsJournal of Supercomputing
2015Distributed lifetime coverage optimization protocol in wireless sensor networksJournal of Supercomputing
2015Efficient and cryptographically secure generation of chaotic pseudorandom numbers on GPUJournal of Supercomputing
2015A multi-level clustering scheme based on cliques and clusters for wireless sensor networksComputers & Electrical Engineering
2015A Compositional Automata-based Semantics and Preserving Transformation Rules for Testing Property PatternsFormal Aspects of Computing
2015Signal-Based Diagnostics by Wavelet Transform for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellEnergy Procedia
2015A survey of non-prehensile pneumatic manipulation surfaces: principles, models and controlIntelligent Service Robotics
2015Experimental validation of in-hand planar orientation and translation in microscale,Journal of Intelligent service Robot
2015Analysis of CAD Model-based Visual Tracking for Microassembly using a New Block Set for MATLAB/Simulink,International Journal of Optomechatronics
2015SQUIPABOT: a Mesoscale Parallel Robot for a Laser Phonosurgery,International Journal of Optomechatronics
2015Optofluidic Near-Field Optical Microscopy: Near-Field Mapping of a Silicon Nanocavity Using Trapped MicrobeadsACS Photonics
2015Selective Functionalization of the Nanogap of a Plasmonic Dimer,ACS Photonics
2015Statistical and Fourier Analysis for In-line Concentration Sensitivity in Single Molecule Dynamic-SERSACS Photonics
2015Multi-axis MEMS force sensor for measuring friction components involved in dexterous micromanipulation: Design and optimization,International Journal of Nanomanufacturing
2015Tungsten oxide thin films sputter deposited by the reactive gas pulsing process for the dodecane detectionMaterials Today: Proceedings
2015Large scale MEMS robots cooperative map building based on realistic simulation of nano-wireless communicationsNano Communication Networks
2014A double-fuzzy diagnostic methodology dedicated to online fault diagnosis of proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacksJournal of Power Sources
2014A Symbolic Transformation Language and its Application to a Multiscale MethodJournal of Symbolic Computation
2014Adaptive metacomposites for vibroacoustic control applicationsIEEE Sensors Journal
2014Advances in quantitative nanoscale subsurface imaging by mode-synthesizing atomic force microscopyApplied Physics Letters
2014Akhmediev breathers as ultra-wideband pulsesMicrowave and Optical Technology Letters
2014An Energy and Memory-Efficient Distributed Self-reconfiguration for Modular Sensor/Robot NetworksJournal of Supercomputing
2014Anodic bonding using SOI wafer for fabrication of capacitive micromachined ultrasoonic transducersJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2014Axicon on a gradient index lens (AXIGRIN): integrated optical bench for Bessel beam generation from a point-like sourceApplied Optics
2014Axonic Au Tips Induced Enhancement in Raman Spectra and Biomolecular SensingPlasmonics
2014Barium fluoride whispering-gallery-mode disk-resonator with one billion quality-factorOptics Letters
2014Brillouin light scattering from surface acoustic waves in a sub-wavelength diameter optical fibreNature Communications
2014Cascaded Brillouin lasing in monolithic barium fluoride whispering gallery mode resonatorsApplied Physics Letters
2014Computational models for large amplitude nonlinear vibrations of electrostatically actuated carbon nanotube-based mass sensorsSensors and Actuators A: Physical
2014Coupling of evanescent and propagating guided modes in locally resonant phononic crystalsJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2014Design variables for optimizing adaptive metacomposite made of shunted piezoelectric patches distributionJournal of Vibration and Control
2014Dynamic and Static Manifestation of Molecular Absorption in Thin Films Probed by a MicrocantileverPhys. Rev. Appl., 1, 024001 (2014). Citations : 1.
2014Dynamics of the transition from polarization disorder to antiphase polarization domains in vector fiber lasersPhysical Review A
2014Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in Twin ImagesPhysical Review Letters
2014Enhanced tunability of the composition in silicon oxynitride thin films by the reactive gas pulsing processApplied Surface Science
2014Enhancement of the performance of a hybrid nonlinear vibration energy harvester based on piezoelectric and electro-magnetic transductionsSmart Materials and Structures
2014Enhancing LSPR Sensitivity of Au Gratings through Graphene Coupling to Au FilmPlasmonics
2014Experimental characterization of a bi-dimensional array of negative capacitance piezo-patches for vibroacoustic controlJournal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
2014Experimental Measurement of Human Oocyte Mechanical Properties on a Micro and Nanoforce Sensing Platform Based on Magnetic Springs.Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
2014Exponential stabilization of boundary controlled port-Hamiltonian systems with dynamic feedback.IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
2014Fiber-integrated optical nano-tweezer based on a bowtie-aperture nano-antenna at the apex of a SNOM tipOptics Express
2014From surface to intracellular non-invasive nanoscale study of living cells impairmentsNanotechnology
2014GaAs Coupled Micro Resonators with Enhanced Sensitive Mass DetectionSensors
2014Gain sideband splitting in dispersion oscillating fibersOpt. Fiber Technol., 20, 513-519 (2014). Citations : 2.
2014Generalized description of spectral incoherent solitonsOptics Letters
2014Harmonic Generation and Nonlinear Propagation: When Secondary Radiations Have Primary ConsequencesPhysical Review Letters
2014High-resolution characterization of the diffusion of light chemical elements in metallic components by scanning microwave microscopyNanoscale
2014High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Multipolar Plasmonic Resonances in Aluminum NanoantennasNano Letters
2014Huge light-enhancement by coupling a bowtie nano-antennas plasmonic resonance to a photonic crystal modeOptics Express
2014Impact of optical and structural aging in As2S3 microstructured optical fibers on mid-infrared supercontinuum generationOptics Express
2014Impact of self-steepening on incoherent dispersive spectral shocks and collapselike spectral singularitiesPhysical Review A
2014Improvement of Silicon Nanotweezers Sensitivity for Mechanical Characterization of Biomolecules Using Closed-Loop Control .IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
2014Influence of an Electron Beam Exposure on the Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold NanoparticlesPlasmonics
2014Interval force/position modeling and control of a microgripper composed of two collaborative piezoelectric actuators and its automation.International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems
2014Investigating computational geometry for failure prognostics.International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management
2014Light funneling from a photonic crystal laser cavity to an optical nano-antenna: toward antenna-based laser nano-emissionOptics Express
2014Line of polarization attraction in highly birefringent optical fibersJournal of the Optical Society of America B
2014Local control of the excitation of surface plasmon polaritons by near-field magneto-optical Kerr effectPhysical Review B
2014Low temperature electronic transport in sputter deposited a-IGZO filmsCurrent Applied Physics
2014Making use of partial knowledge about hidden states in HMMs : an approach based on belief functions.IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
2014Micropositioning and Fast Transport Using a Contactless Micro-Conveyor.Micromachines
2014Molecular alignment and filamentation: Comparison between weak- and strong-field modelsPhysical Review A
2014Multioctave midinfrared supercontinuum generation in suspended-core chalcogenide fibersOptics Letters
2014Near-Field Properties of Plasmonic Nanostructures with High Aspect RatioProg. Electromagn. Res., 146, 77-88 (2014). Citations : 0.
2014Noise and chaos contributions in fast random bit sequence generated from broadband optoelectronic entropy sourcesIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I
2014Nonlinear Photon-Assisted Tunneling Transport in Optical Gap AntennasNano Letters
2014Nonlinear polarization effects in optical fibers: polarization attraction and modulation instability [Invited]Journal of the Optical Society of America B
2014Observation of Optical Undular Bores in Multiple Four-Wave MixingPhysical Review Letters
2014Optical aging behaviour naturally induced on As2S3 microstructured optical fibresOptical Materials Express
2014Optical and RF Characterization of a Lithium Niobate Photonic Crystal ModulatorIEEE Photonics Technology Letters
2014Optical characterization of ultra-short Bragg grating on lithium niobate ridge waveguideOptics Letters
2014Optical wave turbulence: Towards a unified nonequilibrium thermodynamic formulation of statistical nonlinear opticsPHYSICS REPORTS-REVIEW SECTION OF PHYSICS LETTERS
2014Optimal energy consumption and throughput for workflow applications on distributed architectures.Sustainable Computing - Informatics and Systems
2014Optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio in measurement of photon pairs with detector arraysPhysical Review A
2014Optofluidic taming of a colloidal dimer with a silicon nanocavityApplied Physics Letters
2014Parallel sparse linear solver with GMRES method using minimization techniques of communications for GPU clustersThe journal of Supercomputing
2014Performance analysis and characterisation of micro-nanopositioning systems.Electronics Letters
2014Performance Benchmarking and Analysis of Prognostic Methods for CMAPSS Datasets.International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management
2014Phase noise performance comparison between optoelectronic oscillators based on optical delay lines and whispering gallery mode resonatorsOptics Express
2014Piston Motion Performance Analysis of a 3DOF Electrothermal MEMS Scanner for Medical Applications.International Journal of Optomechatronics
2014Positioning accuracy characterization of assembled microscale components for micro-optical benches.Assembly Automation
2014Pre-determining the location of electromigrated gaps by nonlinear optical imagingApplied Physics Letters
2014Prognostics of PEM fuel cell in a particle filtering framework.International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
2014Prototyping of a highly performant and integrated piezoresistive force sensor for microscale applications.Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2014Reduction and control of stimulated Brillouin scattering in polymer-coated chalcogenide optical microwiresOptics Letters
2014Resonant optical transmission through sub-wavelength annular apertures caused by a plasmonic transverse electromagnetic (TEM) modeJournal of Optics
2014Rogue waves among noiselike-pulse laser emission: An experimental investigationPhysical Review A
2014Scanning Electron Microscope Image Signal-to-Noise Ratio Monitoring for Micro-NanomanipulationScanning.
2014Selective excitation of bright and dark plasmonic resonances of single gold nanorodsOptics Express
2014SFM-FDTD analysis of triangular-lattice AAA structure: Parametric study of the TEM modeOptics Communications
2014Single step synthesis and organization of gold colloids assisted by copolymer templatesNanotechnology
2014Sorting of Enhanced Reference Raman Spectra of a Single Amino Acid MoleculeJournal of Physical Chemistry C
2014Spatio-temporal structure of femtosecond Bessel beams from spatial light modulatorsJournal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A)
2014Spectral long-range interaction of temporal incoherent solitonsOptics Letters
2014Stability analysis of the spatiotemporal Lugiato-Lefever model for Kerr optical frequency combs in the anomalous and normal dispersion regimesPhysical Review A
2014Stand-Alone Three-Dimensional Optical Tweezers Based on Fibred Bowtie NanoapertureIEEE Photonics Journal
2014Stochastic nonlinear time series forecasting using time-delay reservoir computers: performance and universalityNeural Networks
2014Strong reduction of propagation losses in LiNbO3 ridge waveguidesOptical Materials
2014Structure, nonlinear properties, and photosensitivity of (GeSe2)100-x(Sb2Se3)x glassesOptical Materials Express
2014Subpixelic Measurement of Large 1D Displacements: Principle, Processing Algorithms, Performances and SoftwareSensors
2014Temporal spying and concealing process in fibre-optic data transmission systems through polarization bypassNature Communications
2014Theoretical analysis of Bloch mode propagation in an integrated chain of gold nanowires.Photonics Research
2014Theoretical and experimental study of slow-scale Hopf limit-cycles in laser-based wideband optoelectronic oscillatorsJournal of the Optical Society of America B
2014Two-stage linear-nonlinear shaping of an optical frequency comb as rogue nonlinear-Schrodinger-equation-solution generatorPhysical Review A
2014Using molecular alignment to track ultrafast collisional relaxationPhysical Review A
2014Wavelength conversion and temporal compression of pulse train using dispersion oscillating fibreElectronics Letters
2013A new concept of planar self-reconfigurable modular robot for conveying microparts.Mechatronics
2013All-optical regeneration of polarization of a 40 Gbit/s return-to-zero telecommunication signal [Invited]Photonics Research
2013Analysis and specificities of adhesive forces between microscale and nanoscale.IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
2013Anisotropic electrical resistivity during annealing of oriented columnar titanium filmsMaterials Letters
2013Arbitrary nonparaxial accelerating periodic beams and spherical shaping of lightOptics Letters
2013Azimuthal turing patterns, bright and dark cavity solitons in Kerr combs generated with whispering-gallery-mode resonatorsIEEE Photonics Journal
2013Characterizations of Ohmic and Schottky-behaving contacts of a single ZnO nanowireNanotechnology
2013Collision of Akhmediev Breathers in Nonlinear Fiber OpticsPhysical Review Letters
2013Competing four-wave mixing processes in dispersion oscillating telecom fiberOptics Letters
2013Complexity in electro-optic delay dynamics: modelling, design and applicationsPhilosophical transactions of The Royal Society A : Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences
2013Copolymer template control of gold nanoparticle synthesis via thermal annealingJournal of Nanoparticle Research
2013Coupling of a dipolar emitter into one-dimensional surface plasmonScientific reports
2013Cross-phase modulational instability induced by Raman scattering in highly birefringent fiberOptics Letters
2013Directional molecular sliding at room temperature on a silicon runway Nanoscale
2013Dispersion relation of coupled-resonator acoustic waveguides formed by defect cavities in a phononic crystalJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2013Dissipation of alignment in CO2 gas: A comparison between ab initio predictions and experimentsJournal of Chemical Physics
2013Effect of loss on the dispersion relation of photonic and phononic crystalsPhysical Review B
2013Electrical Excitation of Surface Plasmons by an Individual Carbon Nanotube TransistorPhysical Review Letters
2013Experimental generation of optical flaticon pulsesOptics Letters
2013Extreme optical fluctuations in lumped Raman fibre amplifiersJ. Opt., 15, 064009 (2013). Citations : 2.
2013Far-field mapping of the longitudinal magnetic and electric optical fieldsOptics Letters
2013Femtosecond laser fabrication of micro and nano-disks in single layer graphene using vortex Bessel beamsApplied Physics Letters
2013Field-free molecular alignment for probing collisional relaxation dynamicsPhysical Review A
2013Guided wave propagation along the surface of a one-dimensional solid–fluid phononic crystalJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2013Homogenization limit in a graded photonic crystalPhysical Review B
2013Integrated temperature sensor based on an enhanced pyroelectric photonic crystalOptics Express
2013Interpretation of negative birefringence observed in strong-field optical pump-probe experiments: High-order Kerr and plasma grating effectsPhysical Review A
2013Localized surface plasmon resonances in the ultraviolet from large scale nanostructured aluminum filmsOptical Materials Express
2013Longitudinally polarized electric and magnetic optical needles over ultra long distances Optics Communications 
2013Management of OH absorption in tellurite optical fibers and related supercontinuum generationOpt. Mater., 35, 1595-1599 (2013). Citations : 3.
2013Mid-infrared laser filamentation in molecular gasesOptics Letters
2013Molecular alignment allows low-order harmonic generation by circular light in a gasPhysical Review A
2013Multiscale Optical Imaging of Complex Fields Based on the Use of Azobenzene NanomotorsJ. Phys. Chem. Lett.
2013Nonlinear frequency conversion in a birefringent microstructured fiber tuned by externally applied hydrostatic pressureOptics Letters
2013Observation of acoustically induced modulation instability in a Brillouin photonic crystal fiber laserOptics Letters
2013On chip shapeable optical tweezersScientific reports
2013Optical flip-flop memory and data packet switching operation based on polarization bistability in a telecommunication optical fiberJ. Opt. Soc. Am. B-Opt. Phys., 30, 2318-2325 (2013). Citations : 6.
2013Optical horn antennas for efficiently transferring photons from a quantum emitter to a single-mode optical fiberOptics Express
2013Optical properties of Au colloids self-organized into rings via copolymer templatesJournal of Nanoparticle Research
2013Remaining useful life estimation based on nonlinear feature reduction and support vector regression.Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
2013Revisiting interferences for measuring and optimizing optical nonlinearitiesPhysical Review A
2013Self-trapped beams crossing tilted channels to induce guided polarization separatorsApplied Physics Letters
2013Slanted annular aperture arrays as enhanced-transmission metamaterials: Excitation of the plasmonic transverse electromagnetic guided modeApplied Physics Letters
2013Spatiotemporal Lugatio-Lefever formalism for Kerr-comb generation in whispering-gallery-mode resonatorsPhysical Review A
2013Spectral dynamics of incoherent waves with a noninstantaneous nonlinear responseOptics Letters
2013Twin-scale Vernier micro-pattern for Visual Measurement of 1-D in-plane absolute displacements with increased range-to-resolution ratioInternational Journal of Optomechatronics
2013Virtual Chimera States for Delayed-Feedback SystemsPhysical Review Letters
2012Beam steering using optical parametric amplification in Kerr medium: a space-time analogy of parametric slow-lightOptics Express
2012Demonstration of polarization pulling using a fiber-optic parametric amplifierOptics Express

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