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Laboratory of Excellence ACTION

Purpose of the Labex ACTION

Study and design of programmable materials, metacomposites structures and development of new control architectures

With the last century's revolution of electronics, more and more automatic systems are found in everyday life (for home automation, telecoms, energy saving, health or industrial plants monitoring etc.). These systems are generally made up of a limited number of interconnected building blocks attached to a physical structure and providing a "smart function". By directly engineering matter, it is possible to integrate and distribute smart functions inside physical structures, giving rise to more sophisticated and cost-effective features. 


The purpose of the LABEX ACTION is to establish a center of excellence in the field of “Smart systems embedded into matter” for which the up-coming technological challenges need a multiscale approach, from matter to object/structure. 

By creating a powerful multidisciplinary synergy between expertises in Physics, Photonics, Acoustics, Micro & Nanotechnologies, Mechanics & Materials and ICT, the Labex ACTION will be able to develop new architectures of smart structures and systems, ensuring  integrated and distributed functions of: 

  • health-monitoring,
  • auto-adaptability,
  • programmable reconfigurability,
  • high complexity calculations,
  • data processing.


 The Labex action is a large-scale triptych which contains:

  • A very high quality research project that aims to encourage the emergence of ambitious and visible scientific projects on an international scale, 
  • A high education project in order to guarantee the excellence of the program in close collaboration with the universities, doctoral and engineering schools of Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Champagne-Ardenne,
  • A project of valuation and broadcasting of the scientific results or knowledge towards the socio-economic world, in particular through its partners' Club.


ACTION Key figures:

  • 3 recognized research laboratories ranked A+ and A by the “AERES*”:

FEMTO-ST (Besançon - 650 p.)
ICB (Dijon - 280 p.)
LNIO (Troyes-60p.)

  • About 200 academic staff & researchers
  • 5 scientific workpackages & 5 demonstrators
  • Total budget: about 10 M€ / year
  • 5 associated laboratories : EPFL, IRTES, IMB, LMB, LM2S


Several significant technological means available to the Labex and accessible to external partners:

  • ARCEN: nanocaracterisation
  • MIMENTO: 800 m2 clean room for micro-nanofabrication
  • NANO-MAT: nanocaracterisation and nanomanufacturing of materials mainly in mechanics and optics
  • PICASSO: design, simulation and development of optics devices

 *AERES: French evaluation agency for research and higher education