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Key resources

 Fitted with technological and human resources to match its ambitions, Labex ACTION is at the heart of an environment suitable for the development of its level of excellence.


Technological platforms:

To carry out its research works, Labex ACTION relies on several technological infrastructures (including cleanrooms) and technical platforms, most of which are open to external research organizations and companies.

Among the most significant equipments:


centrale mimento_femto_labex-action

MIMENTO: a national level clean room microfabrication facility of 800 m2 belonging to the network of the 6 major French academic facilities

quartz-tech-resonator-saw sensors_femto_labex action


An industrial quartz microfabrication line (QuartzTech) for fabrication of SAW devices

plateforme picasso_utt_lnio


design & innovation for analysis and simulation and Optical systems and advanced optical functions


NANO'MAT: nanoscale material characterization and fabrication

plateforme ARCEN_icb_ub


Equipments for nano-characterization and other analysis techniques (certified ISO 9001)

mecappli_caractérisation mécanique_femto

Mechanical characterization & microfabrication platforms (certified ISO 9001)

temps fréquence_plateforme labex action_femto_lne

A time & frequency metrology platform (associated to the National Standards Lab.)

robotex-micro nanorobotique_femto_labex

Equipex ROBOTEX:

a micronano-robotics platform (labelled by CNRS within the robotic national platforms).

High power Fuel Cells experimental Platform
A fluidic measurement Platform (SIMBA project) for automotive industry

Flash sintering platform (HPD 125/1), certified ISO 9001

Equipex "R’PHOT": photonics platform (UTT). 


Recognized scientific experts and promising teams

ACTION Labex gathers multidisciplinary skills which are traditionally separated in French universities, namely physics, photonics, acoustics, mechanics, micro-nanotechnologies and ICT, that makes it a unique research center of its kind.


At the French level, during the 2006-2009 period, the LABEX share in France is mostly present in Optics (6.0% of the national publications),  Material Sciences, Coating and films (3.4%), Electrochemistry (3.9%), Robotics (3,4%)  Instruments and Instrumental techniques (3.3%), then Acoustics (3,0%), Nanosciences and nanotechnology (2.6%), Chemical Physics (2.6%), Applied Physics (2,5%). Its presence is remarkable in Microscopy (7.6%). About 45% of the publications issued from the LABEX perimeter are co-signed by one or more foreign teams (representing 49 countries).

At the international level, together, the 3 partner laboratories have significant impact as shown by the proportion of French publications in international journals in Photonics (6.5%), Material Sciences, coating and films (3.4%), Electrochemistry (4%), Robotics (3.4%), Instruments and Instrumental techniques (3.3%), Acoustics (3.0%), and Nano sciences and nanotechnology (2.6%) (Source: http://www.obs-ost.fr/en.html).


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Labex ACTION comprises internationally recognized researchers who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in the multidisciplinary fields of optics, photonics, micro-nanotechnologies, microrobotics, etc.