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The governance of ACTION relies on 4 committees:


Strategic board:

Chaired by a referent external scientist, this decision making body meets once a year and involves the legal entities contributing to the labex resources (positions, infrastructures), including industrial partners if appropriate, and representatives of Burgundy & Franche-Comté Regional Councils.


Its role consists in:

  • Reviewing the achievements & projects reported by the labex coordinator
  • Deciding new strategic actions
  • Approving the budget allocation


Coordination committee:

It is an advisory body chaired by the Director of LABEX that should coordinate the university activities at a larger scale (trainings, industrial transfer). It comprises the Directors of the UMRs, the Graduate Schools and the transfer services. It will meet once every quarter to monitor the activity of LABEX and propose joint actions.


Executive Committee:

This committee is chaired by the LABEX manager and comprises also WP and DEMO managers, and the LABEX administrative head. Other LABEX members can also be invited as much as necessary.


It is a decision making body which meets each month in order to:

  • Monitor and coordinate the LABEX commitments (goals, contracts, partnerships…);
  • Optimize resources allocation among LABEX members, according to commitments and scientific requirements;
  • Decide the common investment policy and the recruitment of staffs,
  • Propose new partnerships and commitments.


Scientific Board meetings:

The external scientific committee is an advisory body (meeting every year) which:

  • assesses progress of each work-package & evaluates its performances (deliverables, performance indicators, schedule),
  • provides advice on LABEX scientific policy.