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Eduction project

Main policy initiatives and outputs of the Labex ACTION in education and training:

Willing to bridge the gap between sciences and engineering, the Labex ACTION intends to pursue the efforts undertaken by its higher education partners and the doctoral schools in the development of educational programs adapted to the market needs.

Its mission consists in providing cross-pollination between research and training by:

  • Organizing educational programs in order to make it consistent with the skills developed through ACTION and to provide outlets for industry 
  • Recruiting top professors through some chairs of Excellence.
  • Managing a steady stream of students who will be trained with strong links to ACTION research and contribute to its programs: training not only for research, useful to recruit PhD students, but also by research, which will be useful to learn the most advanced technologies and then acquire high level knowledge relevant for industry.
  • Increasing international exchanges of lecturers and students.
  • Working in close partnership with industry, notably industrial partners of the Labex.


Concretely, the training project of the Labex ACTION comes in different parts:

       - Ongoing training intended for executives or technical staff of industries (SMEs, Micro businesses, major industrial groups) who wish to be trained to use high-tech equipment or software resulting from the Labex research.

        - Intense internships or time spent in the corresponding research teams will be suggested.

        - Finally the  Labex  will particularly focus on the training of PhD-Engineers, not only recent engineering graduates, but also engineers of industrial groups. CIFRE theses will thus be strongly supported within the Labex.



Education partners of Labex ACTION:


Engineering schools:

utbm    utt      ensmm


Doctoral schools:
ed carnot pasteur

           spim             ED "Sciences et Technologies "