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Doctoral training

Doctoral outlet: 

The consortium with its associated doctoral schools is attentive to the employability of PhDs, who are hired in universities, academic research centers but also in international companies and SMEs (including spinoffs). By enhancing relations between research and industry, ACTION will thus strongly reinforce the employability of PhD.


Coordinated internationalization activities of the doctoral schools:

The doctoral schools involved in the Labex, SPIM and Pasteur-Carnot are recognized by the PRES BFC, and within the UTT in  2012  “Optics and NanoTechnology”  will merge with "Mechanics and Materials"  which enhances multidisciplinary exchanges.

To offer to its PhD students the access to major international laboratories and to enhance their career opportunities, the Labex will support and encourage:
  • The increase of the existing relationships with the EPFL and the KIT,
  • The development of a project called "Initial Training Network”,
  • A 6-month stay in an international laboratory of excellence, for PhD students in their second year, through annual calls for proposals.


Doctoral schools: