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DEMO5 : Gaz sensor network

Advanced network of (nano) sensors: towards a new smart system for optimized risk management 

DEMO5 manager: Thomas MAURER, LNIO

Co-manager: Eric FINOT, ICB


Demonstration of a real network of specifically developed gas sensors with wireless communications.
Implementation of distributed intelligence through an ad-hoc dynamic network, for energy saving and for its ability to focus data collection on the most crucial measurement zones. The test bed will be useful for testing the deployment of autonomous sensors in uncontrolled and sometimes harsh environments. The robustness and reliability of the networked sensors will be tested with partners able to reproduce real and extreme environmental conditions.

At first, an integrated demonstrator of gas detection & propagation prediction will be made with commercial gas sensors.

Then new integrated plasmonic nanosensors will be developed with their packaging, and information processing system, based on decentralized and distributed algorithms.

Main deliverable:

After 8 years, an integrated prototype of reliable smart nanosensor networks will be demonstrated.

The extension of this concept to similar sensor networks integrated into human body will be considered as a tool for early diseasedetection.

Experience of the consortium:
  • Design of distributed localization & tracking algorithms transferred to industry (3 patents);
  • Ongoing ANR project on the design of a compact spectrometer (first demonstration: Nature Photonics 1(8):473 – 478, 08 2007) & implementation of plasmon-based nanosensors ;
  • Development of wireless SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensors with the startup Senseor;
  • Availability of a nanofabrication industrial pilot-line in clean room (QuartzTech –Besançon) for SAW sensors prototyping.
Socio-economic challenges:
  • Developing efficient and inexpensive way to monitor and control physical phenomena, such as the spread of dangerous gases ;
  • Securing industrial installations and public buildings ;
  • Cheap, miniaturized, smart, ultra-sensitive and communicating sensors ;
  • Robust, distributed and autonomous system for dangerous species detection & tracking ;


Keywords: plasmonic nano-sensors, sensor network, distributed information processing, gas detection, scheduling, applied mathematics, communications, control.