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DEMO4: Smart endoscope

A new generation of endoscope with integrated and distributed micro tomography imaging


DEMO4 manager: Nicolas ANDREFF, FEMTO-ST

Co-manager: Christophe GORECKI, FEMTO-ST


Modern endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems are dominated by fiber optic components, often including a MEMS-based catheters for beam steering or scanning. There is a great interest for batch-fabricated free-space and fully integrated MOEMS devices.

  • The 1st feature will be to demonstrate an unprecedented lateral resolution (2.5μm) in spectral OCT 3-D imaging with a parallel confocal microendoscope, based on the microassembly of hybrid MOEMS components on a reconfigurable silicon optical micro-bench.
  • 2nd feature will be an original active structure for the system fine guidance into the body down to currently unreachable zones.
  • The 3rd feature is the coupling between the OCT microsystem and the actuation (OCT-based visual serving) to confer an endoscopic nature to the whole system.


Main deliverable:

An active endomicroscope based on miniaturised spectral OCT for the early diagnostic of cancers and the laser microsurgery.

Assembly of FSR-MOB components Reconfigurable Free-Space Micro-optical benchoct spectralcancer

Assembly of FSR-MOB components

Reconfigurable Free-Space Micro-optical bench

Miniaturised OCT spectral device (~ h1mm x l 5 mm) integrated in the head of the endoscope

Early diagsnotic of cancer (stomach, intestines...)


Socio-economic challenge:

Early cancer detection plays an important role in reducing cancer mortality as it allows early targeted therapy. Cancers in the gastrointestinal track cause 1.3 million deaths/year (World Health Organization).


Keywords: Microsystems, MOEMS, Optical Coherence Tomography, Assembly & packaging.