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DEMO2 : Integrated optical chip

Integrated whispering gallery mode resonators for coherent WDM optical communication networks

DEMO2 manager: Yanne K. Chembo, FEMTO-ST

Co-manager: Christophe FINOT, ICB



This demonstrator is based upon ultra-stable coherent frequency-comb nonlinear generation from a single laser source in integrated disk resonators.

It aims at creating a fully integrated chip in order to propose breakthrough solutions for broadband fiber optic & microwave-photonic communications: replacing complex WDM sources by a single coherently controlled multifrequency emitter, drastically increasing WDM performances and compatibility with currently emerging coherent communications, favoring WDM integration in the local FTTH loop for symmetric bit-rate allocation.

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Main outcome:

A chip-integrated coherent multi-wavelength source which would considerably increase the information processing performances (> 320 Gbits/s) of a metropolitan optical fiber network using the WDM technology





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Fiber To The Home (FTTH)


Smart grids

Experience of the consortium:

logo ercA Junior ERC grant has been obtained on this subject by FEMTO-ST (Yanne Chembo) in 2011.


Socio-economic challenges:

The Digital Agenda for Europe, a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy, promotes ICTs to reduce energy consumption, revolutionizes health services and deliver better public services.

  • This demonstrator is aimed at contributing to the development of the Next generation Access (NGA) networks (above 30 Megabits per second).
  • Not only download speeds are important in that context, higher symmetry (much higher upload speeds) and lower latency may be required for innovative services and applications such as smart electrical grids, real-time cloud computing for small businesses, and e-health services offered to remote hospitals and patients.


Keywords: micro-resonator, multi-frequency emitter, WDM, nonlinear optics...